Bottega Veneta Good
 Shoes Slippers Black Green Red Cowhide Rubber Sheepskin

Bottega Veneta Good Shoes Slippers Black Green Red Cowhide Rubber Sheepskin

$88.00 $110.00
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BV Bottega Veneta’s 18 colors create classic one-line deep-mouth slippers 535535320 black
BOTTEGA VENETA’s 2021 season deep-mouth slippers continue to have exaggerated various colors, which will surely influence the fashion industry and star bloggers are rushing to try them on­čĺ»
In the 2021 season, all packaging has been changed to grass green and eye-catching­čĹŹ
The fabric is made of colorful mixed sheepskin and is comfortable to shape­čĺ»
The lining is made of cowhide leather
The double shaping process perfectly fits the feet. It seems simple but in fact it is an Italian craftsmanship veteran. Only shoemakers can control it perfectly­čĺ»
The outsole is made of Italian cowhide with rubber injection molding technology to perfectly interpret the coexistence of luxury and comfort­čĺ»
The midsole still uses imported material red plate and high-pressure shaping to ensure that the high heels are stable and not tiring­čĺ»
18 Unprecedented full-color color
34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 full code
(34 40 41 42 is the customized code number)
Equipped with top-level 3-in-1 green original packaging
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  1. The goods were delivered very quickly in 16 days. Quality for this price is excellent. Very comfortable and light. Thank you for your promptness!

  2. Excellent and comfortable.Delight, admiration and gratitude to the seller of these shoes!!! Soft, quality, well-packed and perfectly seated on the foot, they won my heart!

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