Gucci Horsebit AAA+ Saddle Bags White All Copper 1955

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🔘HorseBit 1955 horses buckle 🔘 saddle bag (all -copper hardware disassembly pack)

High -quality ECCO Leather original leather material Volpi Concerie SPA was originally available in the inside customized accessories and excellent workmanship. Disassembling bags and work, high -end and delicate production, without any confusion, our disassembly wiring is too perfect, there is no flaw, one stitches and lines, and different positions in different positions, firmly lock the professional level, the details of the car line, the details of the car line The easiest to see the quality of a bag, the car is not straight, uniform, and the uniform border is uniform. The quality of the vehicle line is related to several aspects: the complexity of the packaging/artificial technology is equally important, and the machine (needle car) is good or bad. The needle car is available from thousands of yuan to millions. The difference in the middle is opened, and the level of each package is opened. The same online “shovel” process level is as bright as possible. After all, our customized leather shovel has at least 1.6mm-1.8mm. The thickness is one of the standards for measuring the grade and quality of the leather. The first is to control the self -weight of the bag. Everyone knows that the self -weight control of the big -name bag is relatively strict, the surface of the thickness is evenly flat, and the car line is smooth. It is thin and consistent, and it will not fold like a steamed bun on the side of the market. The wiring is flat, and the texture of the details comes out. Our previous article has a large -scale introduction to the dedicated Gütermann (Gutmann) line. The line and the oil edge as the assistance of the entire bag soul have a vital role. The handmade oil method is very time -consuming and laborious, because the oil is very sparse, and you need to use a sponge (natural) or high -density artificial sponge to wet, dip the hand to wipe the oil, and wipe it once in an irreversible. Of course, you must master the strength. Okay, don’t look at this thin layer, ask the university. Hardware also uses the same “all -copper” hardware like ZP, and devotes to effort. In the more PO a few details, so that you can better understand the quality of our disassembly, “see” and “do” are actually two. In many cases, it is not that we did not see it, but we saw that they did not do it, but the results caused by these two behaviors were completely different. After all, everything was accumulated.
Our disassembly is a slow work. Not only is the process complicated, but we must also have carefulness and patience. Do your best to make your babies the most satisfied even if you can’t see the details.
“Just like the opening remarks, our big girl is going to marry today, with a happy mood, I hope she will spend every sweet moment of you in the future.”
Size: 25.0×18.0x8.0cm
2: Model number 602204 (92TCG 85631850)

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